What They Lived Through

The timeline below places Wickwire history (shown in green) in the context of well-known world and national events. The Wickwires were rarely involved in national and global affairs, but their lives and their House do reflect more than a century’s worth of history. Find out how Mr. Chester Wickwire changed the history of his home town, his country, and the world!

1843     James K. Polk
              Chester Wickwire born (May 31)
1844     Telegraph invented
1845     Ardell born
              US annexes Texas
              Irish Potato Famine begins
1846     Mormon migration to Utah begins
              Sewing machine invented 
1847     Mormon migration to Utah ends
1848     Mexican War ends
              Seneca Falls Women’s Rights Convention
              Oneida Community established
1849     Zachary Taylor
              California Gold Rush
              Irish Potato Famine ends
1850     Millard Fillmore
              Compromise of 1850
              Fugitive Slave Law
              Hawthorne publishes The Scarlet Letter
              Taiping Rebellion begins in China
1851     Herman Melville publishes Moby Dick
              Theodore Wickwire born (Mar 29)
1852     Franklin Pierce
              Uncle Tom’s Cabin published by Harriet Beecher Stowe
              Cumberland Road completed
              Alexander Parks invents plastics
              Napoleon III sets up Second Empire in France
1853     Gadsden Purchase from Mexico
1854     Japan opens for trade
              Kansas-Nebraska Act
              Emma (Theodore’s wife) born
              Syracuse-Binghamton railroad opens
1855     Livingstone discovers Victoria Falls
1856     James Buchanan
              Brown’s Pottawatomie Creek Massacre
              Civil war in Bleeding Kansas
1857     Dred Scot Decision
              Sepoy Rebellion in India
              Panic of 1857
1858     First transatlantic cable
              Pike’s Peak (Colorado) Gold Rush
1859     Darwin publishes On the Origin of Species
              First oil well at Titusville, PA
              Nevada Comstock Lode discovered
1860     Pony Express established
              South Carolina secedes from the Union
1861     Abraham Lincoln
              First transcontinental telegraph
              Fort Sumter, Civil War begins
              Confederacy formed
 1862     Confederacy enacts conscription
              Homestead Act
              Second Battle of Bull Run
 1863     Battle of Chancellorsville
              Emancipation Proclamation
              Battle of Gettysburg
              Union enacts conscription
              New York City draft riot
              National Banking System is established
1864     Sherman’s march through Georgia
             Sand Creek Massacre
              Nevada is admitted to Union
1865     Civil War ends
              Abraham Lincoln assassinated 
              Andrew Johnson
              Pasteurization of milk begins
             13th Amendment is ratified
              Freedmen’s Bureau founded
              Chester Wickwire moves to Cortland
1866     Permanent transatlantic cable established
              National Labor Union founded
              Civil Rights Bill
             14th Amendment
              KKK founded
              Chester’s father dies (Sept 4)
              Chester & Ardell married (Oct 2)
1867     Reconstruction Act
              Antiseptic Surgery
              Purchase of Alaska
              Britain grants Canada self-rule
1868     Ulysses S. Grant 
              Johnson’s impeachment and acquittal
             Meiji Restoration in Japan begins
              Johnson pardons Confederate leaders
1869     Transcontinental Railroad completed
               Suez Canal opens
               Knights of Labor organized
1870      Standard Oil Company organized
              Third Republic established in France
               Franco-Prussian War
              15th Amendment ratified
1871     Tweed scandal in NYC
1872     Credit Mobilier Scandal exposed
              Freedmen’s Bureau ended
              Raymond born
1873     First American kindergarten opens in St. Louis
              Panic of 1873
              Chester acquires carpet loom
1874     Women’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU)
1875     Civil Rights Act of 1875
              Whiskey Ring scandal
1876     Rutherford B. Hayes
              Telephone invented
              Hayes-Tilden election standoff
              Colorado enters Union
              Hardware store sold
1877     Compromise of 1877
              Nez Perce Indian War
              Reconstruction ends
              Nationwide railroad strikes
              Wickwires sell adjustable window screens
1878     Raymond dies from scarlet fever (Jan 15)
              Frederick Wickwire & Emma married (Jun 12)
1879     Dumbbell tenements designed
              Incandescent Lamp invented
              Charles Wickwire born (June 23)
1880     James A. Garfield
               Banner endorsing reelection of Garfield hung at factory
1881     American Red Cross
              Garfield is assassinated
              Chester A. Arthur
              Wickwire Bros. employ 170 people
              Wire-drawing begins
              Chester & Ardell with Mr. & Mrs. Hilton Rouse at Thousand Islands (Jul 14)
1882     First immigration restriction laws
              Chinese Exclusion Act
              Standard Oil Trust formed
              Telephone between Cortland & Homer (Mar 9)
1883     Brooklyn Bridge completed
              The Surprise (Jan 4)
              Frederick Wickwire born (Jan 16)
1884     Grover Cleveland 
              Berlin Conference for carving up Africa
              Mark Twain publishes The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
              Federal government outlaws Indian Sun Dance
              Fire in Wickwire block (Feb 21)
              First electric lights in Cortland (Sep 10)
1885     First skyscraper in Chicago
              Rabies vaccine created
              Linotype invented
1886     Statue of Liberty erected
              Automobile invented
              Haymarket Square bombing
              American Federation of Labor is formed 
              No boys under 16 to be employed at the Wickwire factory (Sep 1)
              Fire sprinklers installed in Wickwire factory
1887     Hatch Act
              Dawes Severalty Act
              Interstate Commerce Act
              President Cleveland and wife visit Cortland (Jul 21)
1888     Benjamin Harrison
              Chester purchases 31 Tompkins lot
              Marian (Frederick’s wife) born
              YMCA in Cortland
1889     Hull House in Chicago
              Pan-American Conference
              Oklahoma open to settlement
              Bicycle Club established in Cortland (May 23)
1890     End of frontier line
              Sherman Anti-Trust Act
              North & South Dakota, Montana, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming enter Union
              McKinley Tariff Bill
              Sherman Silver Purchase
              Pension Act of 1890
              Battle of Wounded Knee
              Chester & family move to 31 Tompkins
              Cyclone damages roof of shop (Aug 21)
1891     Basketball invented
              New Orleans Crisis with Italy
1892     Grover Cleveland
              Homestead Steel Strike 
              Sewer Board appointed in Cortland
1893     Panic of 1893
              White planter revolt in Hawaii
              Radio invented
              C. Leonard O’Connor (Marian’s second husband) born
              Cortland Waterworks
1894     Pullman Strike
              First public showing of the motion picture
1895     Morgan’s banking loans $65 million in gold to federal government
              X-ray invented
              Supreme Court declares income tax unconstitutional
              Wickwires purchase brass cranes for garden
1896     William McKinley
              Plessy vs. Ferguson: separate but equal
              Utah admitted to Union
              Theodore Wickwire is member of Electoral College and President of Wickwire Steel Co.
1897     First subway system opens in Boston
              Library of Congress opens
1898     Maine explosion in Havana Harbor
              Spanish-American War
              Hawaii is annexed
              Walls removed in third floor of mansion for a ballroom
1899     First American Open Door Note
1900     Gold Standard
              Quantum Theory
              Boxer Rebellion in China
              Hawaii receives full territorial status
1901     McKinley is assassinated 
              Theodore Roosevelt
              British Queen Victoria dies
              United States Steel Corporation founded
              Charles Wickwire, elector at Republican Convention for nomination of T. Roosevelt
1902     Anthracite Coal Strike
              13 cars in Cortland (June)
              Chester sells “that old block” on Railroad Street for $11,000
              Charles & Mabel Fitzgerald marry (Oct 9)
              Ardell ‘gives’ maid Bessie Long to new couple
1903     Panamanian Revolution against Colombia
              Wright brothers fly first airplane
              Charles & Mabel move into their house on Tompkins
              Cortland erects a telephone pole in the city
1904     Construction on Panama Canal begins
              Roosevelt Corollary to the Monroe Doctrine
              Wickwire Bros. aid construction of Panama Canal via “bronze wire cloth”
1905     Special Theory of Relativity E=mc2
1906     Upton Sinclair publishes The Jungle
              Meat Inspection Act
              Pure Food and Drug Act
              Great Earthquake & Fire of San Francisco
1907     Washing machine invented
              Oklahoma admitted to Union
              Charles is Vice President of Wickwire Bros.
1908     William Howard Taft
              “Gentlemen’s Agreement” with Japan
1909     Typhus vaccine
              Robert Peary reaches the North Pole
              Wickwire Bros. employs 1,500 men on 9 acre factory
1910     Triangle Shirtwaist Company fire
              Standard Oil antitrust case
              US Steel Corporation antitrust suit
              Mexican Revolution
              Chester Wickwire dies
              Electric replaces gas in Wickwire mansion
1911     Roald Amundsen reaches South Pole
              Sun Yixian is president of Chinese Republic
              Hollywood becomes center of the filmmaking industry
1912     Woodrow Wilson
              RMSTitanic sinks killing 1,500 people
              Frederick & Marian Goodrich marry (Jun 1)
1913     17th Amendment passed: direct election of US senators
              Federal Reserve Act
              16th Amendment: income tax passed
               Wickwire Bros. occupies 36 acres
               Frederick & Marian’s Chester born
1914     World War I begins in Europe
              Federal Trade Commission established
              Panama Canal opens
              Charles is President of Wickwire Bros., County Food Administrator
              Frederick & Marian’s Cynthia born
1915     US Marines sent to Haiti
              Armenian Genocide in Turkey
              Lusitania sunk by German U-boat
              Ardell Wickwire dies at age 70
              Hired at the mansion: Mary Sicork, 35; Mary Harp, 52; Catherine Evans, 28; Carrie Molesworth, 45
1916     Workingmen’s Compensation Act
              Federal Farm Loan Act
1917     US buys Virgin Islands from Denmark
              Russian Revolution
              Puerto Ricans granted US citizenship
              US enters WWI
1918     Wilson proposes Fourteen Points
              Sedition Act of 1914
              Armistice ends WWI
1919     President Wilson’s Pro-League tour and collapse
              18th Amendment: prohibition of alcohol
              Weimar Republic established in Germany
              Seattle General Strike
              Frederick & Marian’s Lyman born
1920     Warren G. Harding
              Radio broadcasting begins
             19th Amendment: women’s suffrage
             1921 Sacco-Vanzetti trial
              Emergency Quota Act
              Veteran’s Bureau created
1922     USSR founded under Lenin
              Benito Mussolini gains power in Italy
1923     President Harding dies 
              Calvin Coolidge takes office 
              Equal Rights Amendment proposed (ERA)
              Teapot Dome Scandal
              Frederick & Marian’s Winthrop born
              Renovations begin at the Wickwire mansion
1924     Native Americans granted full US citizenship
1925     Scopes Trial
              Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby
              Television invented
              Frederick & family move into House
              Hired: Nurse Ida Miller, 53; Chambermaid Catherine Listoro, 24; Housekeeper Delia
                          Formey, 25; Waitress Anna Burke, 19
1926     Liquid Fuel Rocket
              Hughes’s The Weary Blues
1927     Lindbergh flies solo over the Atlantic
1928     Herbert C. Hoover
              Kellogg-Briand Pact
              Penicillin, first antibiotic
              Joseph Stalin’s first Five Year Plan
1929     Hemmingway’s A Farewell to Arms
              Great Depression begins
              Agricultural Marketing Act sets up Federal Farm Board
              Frederick Wickwire dies from 2yr illness (Sep 17)
1930     The Maginot Line (France) construction begins
              The Salt March in India
1931     Japanese invade Manchuria
              Marian & C. Leonard O’Connor marry (Apr 30)
1932     Franklin Delano Roosevelt
              “Bonus Army” dispersed from Washington, DC
              Mass Starvation (Holodomor) in Soviet Union
1933     Adolf Hitler chancellor of Germany
              Prohibition Repealed
1934     Indian Reorganization Act
1935     US passes the Neutrality Act
              Nuremburg Laws in Germany
              Italy invades Ethiopia
1936     Franklin Delano Roosevelt reelected
1937     Japan declares war on China
1938     Munich Conference
1939     World War II begins
              Gone with the Wind movie
1940     France surrenders to Germany
1941     Pearl Harbor
              Germany invades the Soviet Union
              US enters World War II
1942     Nuclear Reactor invented
1943     Tehran Conference
1944     D-Day in Normandy, France
              Computer invented
1945     Hiroshima and Nagasaki 
              World War II ends
1946     Philippines gain independence from US 
1947     Carbon dating developed
1948     Harry S. Truman
              World Health Organization (WHO) founded
1949     People’s Republic of China established
              First commercial jet airliner
1950     Portable Typewriter
              McCarthy’s Red Hunt begins
1951     22nd Amendment
1952     Dwight D. Eisenhower
              Polio vaccine
1953     Korean War
1954     French are defeated in Vietnam
              Brown vs. Board of Education
1955     Montgomery Bus Boycott
              Warsaw Pact signed
1956     Charles Wickwire dies in Albany (Aug 21)
1957     USSR launches Sputnik I, Earth’s first satellite
              Civil Rights Act
1958     US troops sent to Lebanon
1959     Fidel Castro gains power in Cuba
              Alaska becomes the 49th state
              Hawaii becomes the 50th state
1960     John F. Kennedy
              Laser invented
1961     Yuri Gagarin (USSR) first human in space
              Bay of Pigs Invasion
1962     Cuban Missile Crisis
              First color television broadcast
1963     Measles vaccine
1964     Lyndon B. Johnson
              Civil Rights Act is passed
              Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) founded
1965     US Army occupation of Dominican Republic
1966     Cultural Revolution in China
1967     First Human heart transplant
1968     Richard M. Nixon
              US Apollo 8 astronauts make first flight around moon
              Martin Luther King Jr. assassinated
1969     US Apollo 11 lands on moon
1970     Microprocessor invented
1971     26th Amendment: gives vote to 18 year olds
              C. Leonard O’Connor (Marian’s second husband) dies
1972     ABM & SALT I treaties ratified
              President Nixon visits China and Soviet Union
1973     Fuel shortages
              US withdraws troops from Vietnam
              Pablo Picasso dies
              Marian Goodrich Wickwire O’Connor dies
1974     Watergate Scandal
              Nixon resigns
1975     The 1890 House becomes a Museum

Contributed by Ulyana Kostiv

Sunday, April 20, 2014